19 de mar de 2010

It's Friday! Go DJ Theo!

Mammy, who is my dear ghost writer, and I are thinking about this post earlier evening. And we did get a musical idea! Any Friday we will put our records on telling you our favorite song in this right moment!

To begin, we are choosing a rap beat. More than this, we are choosing a video which has a black cat as character. And don´t forget:

When the cats come out the bats come out to playy... Yeahh!!!

18 de mar de 2010

Daddy, what you leave behind for me?

Yes, the subject title come from a great song - Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd). It was a hard and critical lyrics, because is about life without freedom, life without rigths, life without love.

But we can listen this song and to think we must do good things during our lifes, like stay with the people we love. Then, mixing love and culture, I did find these two pics to illustrate this post: above, cousin Ugly with Grandpa; below, I and Daddy studyin Japanese (WOW!).

17 de mar de 2010

Joy & Luck

It is not an habit in my country, Brasil, to celebrate St. Patrick´s Day. Actually, there are other most venerated saints here, who we could celebrate. For example: St. Anthony, St. Paul & St. Peter. These three guys are very popular in Brazil, if we can say it.

Another very important religious in my town is Our Lady of the Navigators (in Portuguese: Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes). Mommy, for example, always prayer invoking she.

Anyway, is being very nice to share with my foreign friends the St. Patrick´s joy and luck. Also, I am pleased with the hats that my friends have dressed. As is the case of lovely @niqqi (picture below).

16 de mar de 2010

10 reasons to love The Autumn

I´m already counting down for the Autumn, the most lovely season in the year. I can explain in 10 steps:


1 - The colors of Autumn fill my eyes with joy!

2 - The leaves build new ways, such as bridges to happiness!
3 - The sound of the trees brings peace and harmony!
4 - All morning begin with the sunshine lights over de blue sky!

5 - The colorful and softy quilts again return to bed and make the dreams most funny!
6 - The humans 'learn' to sleep during more time (and do not disturb cat´s nap!)!
7 - The Sunday lunch gets more hours (everybody wins more appetite!)!
8 - The life is replaced by the rhythm of the waltz!
9 - At night, our home is invaded by the smell of hot chocolate!
10 - Everybody stay together!

15 de mar de 2010

Tim Maia, the king of Brazilian soul & funk music!

I´m starting this post thanking each friend who have visited this blog. Thank you very much for all support! I hope we can have good moments here.

Today I wanna talk about music. It is Monday and we can make this very first day in the week better listening and singing a good song.

I´m choosing a Brazilian singer to talk about. I present you Tim Maia, the king of Brazilian soul & funk music. He did die 12 years ago (September, 28,1942 - March, 15,1998), but left some funny (you know: cats just wanna have fun!) dancing and romantic songs.

Tim Maia was critical but not arrogant or bad. In 2001, during Rock In Rio Festival, the Guns N´Roses´s guitarist Robin Finck did play Sossego, a great Tim Maia´s hit

One of the most funniest song named 'Vale Tudo' (something like Anything Goes). If you like soul & funk, please, go ahead buddies:

14 de mar de 2010

Purring for Education

I guess you know ConfuciousCat! Don't you?! Well, this guy would fight, day by day, for peace in all world. Today we can purring for educationAnd, we, Brazilian cats and humans citizens have an obligation to purring loudly for education. Cause it is the only way to improve Nation life! Please, follow the ideas of Todos pela Educação too!

I do meow

Everyone knows that I´m a Brazilian orange cat and I do meow naturally in Portuguese. So, write a blog in English is a big challenge to me and Mom (my dear ghost writer!). But write using the universal English is a necessity too. Cause I wonder that my thoughts and ideas can be understood by every one of my friends. Hope I do not have many errors. Please, if you can, correct me!!!

13 de mar de 2010



Do not try to think something else. My blog is just a place where 'Cats Just Want to Have Fun'. Love, purrs & hugs to everyone!