15 de mar de 2010

Tim Maia, the king of Brazilian soul & funk music!

I´m starting this post thanking each friend who have visited this blog. Thank you very much for all support! I hope we can have good moments here.

Today I wanna talk about music. It is Monday and we can make this very first day in the week better listening and singing a good song.

I´m choosing a Brazilian singer to talk about. I present you Tim Maia, the king of Brazilian soul & funk music. He did die 12 years ago (September, 28,1942 - March, 15,1998), but left some funny (you know: cats just wanna have fun!) dancing and romantic songs.

Tim Maia was critical but not arrogant or bad. In 2001, during Rock In Rio Festival, the Guns N´Roses´s guitarist Robin Finck did play Sossego, a great Tim Maia´s hit

One of the most funniest song named 'Vale Tudo' (something like Anything Goes). If you like soul & funk, please, go ahead buddies:

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Mariodacat disse...

You are right - dat is pawsome music to have fun to. Great stuff.

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