14 de mar de 2010

Purring for Education

I guess you know ConfuciousCat! Don't you?! Well, this guy would fight, day by day, for peace in all world. Today we can purring for educationAnd, we, Brazilian cats and humans citizens have an obligation to purring loudly for education. Cause it is the only way to improve Nation life! Please, follow the ideas of Todos pela Educação too!

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Confucius Cat disse...

Awww. Thank you so much for supporting the Purrs 4 Peace project. Congratulations on your great new blog. Purrs 2 U.xo

Lexie Dogstoyevsky disse...

I love your blog and what a wonderful post! Purrs 4 Peace is a wonderful opportunity for us all to bring about a change. I don't purr of course coz I be a dog but I do a bit of a mixed up purrwoof!!!

Mariodacat disse...

h Theo - I'm so happy you wrote a blog. Thanks for doing it in English too, otherwise I'd have trouble since I'm not a bilingual kitty. I'll look forward to reading it - so please write more.

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