17 de mar de 2010

Joy & Luck

It is not an habit in my country, Brasil, to celebrate St. Patrick´s Day. Actually, there are other most venerated saints here, who we could celebrate. For example: St. Anthony, St. Paul & St. Peter. These three guys are very popular in Brazil, if we can say it.

Another very important religious in my town is Our Lady of the Navigators (in Portuguese: Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes). Mommy, for example, always prayer invoking she.

Anyway, is being very nice to share with my foreign friends the St. Patrick´s joy and luck. Also, I am pleased with the hats that my friends have dressed. As is the case of lovely @niqqi (picture below).

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Mariodacat disse...

Very interesting. I always learn something new when I read or listen to your blog. Thanks for enjoying the day with us.

Lexie Dogstoyevsky disse...

I love your bloggy! Is so informative as well about Brazil! Happy St Patricl's Day xxxxxx

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