16 de mar de 2010

10 reasons to love The Autumn

I´m already counting down for the Autumn, the most lovely season in the year. I can explain in 10 steps:


1 - The colors of Autumn fill my eyes with joy!

2 - The leaves build new ways, such as bridges to happiness!
3 - The sound of the trees brings peace and harmony!
4 - All morning begin with the sunshine lights over de blue sky!

5 - The colorful and softy quilts again return to bed and make the dreams most funny!
6 - The humans 'learn' to sleep during more time (and do not disturb cat´s nap!)!
7 - The Sunday lunch gets more hours (everybody wins more appetite!)!
8 - The life is replaced by the rhythm of the waltz!
9 - At night, our home is invaded by the smell of hot chocolate!
10 - Everybody stay together!

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MedusaJ disse...

Autumn is my favourite month too - I love the colours & feel of the fresh biting air on my face.

Mariodacat disse...

Theo - dat was so beautiful and well writen. You are one creative kitty.

Huntyr disse...

autumn? its just becoming spring for me!

Enjoy your favorite time of year!

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