19 de mar de 2010

It's Friday! Go DJ Theo!

Mammy, who is my dear ghost writer, and I are thinking about this post earlier evening. And we did get a musical idea! Any Friday we will put our records on telling you our favorite song in this right moment!

To begin, we are choosing a rap beat. More than this, we are choosing a video which has a black cat as character. And don´t forget:

When the cats come out the bats come out to playy... Yeahh!!!

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Lexie Dogstoyevsky disse...

Hi Theo! Go Go Go DJ Theo! I love this! Your mum's English is getting better all the time too! Good choice DJ! See you at da party!

Mariodacat disse...

Neat music Theo - love the beeat and enjoyed the video. (Wish I were bilingual tho - like you). Your English is very good.

Gata Lili disse...

Belo vídeoclip. O gatinho preto é muito lindo!

GRAÇA disse...

Miaumiau! eu sou feliz Muito UMA gatinha e Gosto Muito de Fazer Amigos
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Vão AO Conhecer meu blog e se quizerem Meus Amigos serviços levem o Meu selinho de Amigos de "OURO"
Ronron da

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